What are you looking for…… You get it !!

  • Higher retention.
  • Stability on the shop floor.
  • Positive attitude
  • Higher productivity
  • Increasing organizational Learning.
  • Creating Innovative Work Culture.

INDUSTRIES are welcome to join this social cause, which is in fact a win-win activity for the employers, employees, and the community.

Benefits to Industry Partners:

Higher Retention : It help organizations to get higher retention, efficiency and productivity of the work force.

  • Availability of learners at work : Practical / OJT at the Students /trainees have to undergo theoretical training for 12 hours a week, and practical training, OJT, is completed on the rest of the days.
  • Propose any non-graduate from : Fresher, full time , part time, temporary, or seasonal work force .
  • Valid under CSR activity :Industries and organizations can sponsor students as a part of CSR activities.
  • NEEM Trainees eligible : NEEM trainees can join B.VOC for first two years as per NEEM regulations. For third year they can continue as non-NEEM students.
  • Standby work force : SKPs get stability at the shop floor level which helps scheduling, better productivity, and a stand by work force to support eventual needs.

This initiative brings the benefits of vocational education courses from reputed institutions like TISS-SVE through Divs Academy, Training Hub at Vadodara, Gujarat .

For communities it generates employment, supports the families, pushes the higher education, and helps the school drop outs to earns a stable and prosperous future.

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