1. What is Vocational Education?

Vocational education is job related education. It is also referred also called Career and Technical Education.

. What is the Degree earned? : Bachelor in Vocational Education (B.VOC)

What it offers?

1.     Bachelor degree (B.VOC) : UGC recognised degree from TISS
2.     Education and Training : Theory sessions and OJT.
3.     Employment and earning  : Placement assistance in the relevant industry.

Where it is available?

Vocational education is best offered by TATA INSTITUTE OF SOCIAL SCIENCE- school of vocal education, Mumbai, at DIVS ACADEMY, VADODARA. The bachelor degree earned is valid everywhere and also for vertical mobility to PG Courses.

What is eligibility for admission?

School fresher, employees, NEEM trainees with min. qualification as 10+2 / I T I  2years.

What are the benefits of vocational education?

The classes will focus on the knowledge and skills that you need for a particular job, and the time and money that you expend is less than a three-year college program.

One of the benefits of vocational training is that you can jump right into classes that speak to your career passions. Unlike a university degree, you won’t have to take general education classes that are unrelated to your career field.

  • Get a UGC approved degree.
  • Eligibility for P G Studies like MBA
  • Get a Job that Pays Well
  • Enter the Work World Quickly
  • Gain Practical Experience
  • Get Specialized Training
  • Learn in a Small class room
  • Spend Less Money

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